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Gone are the days of losing your favorite fire-roasted foods to the flames of your bonfire. No more picking sticks from the ground or using a wire hanger to roast your savory snacks; the Catch-It™ has finally arrived! 

 How frustrating is it when that perfectly roasted marshmallow is lost to the bonfire? Well, thanks to the Catch-It™, you will never have to feel that frustration again! 

Roast your Ballparks, Brats, and mallows with the Catch-It™! With a soft-grip handle, a telescoping arm that can extend up to 13 inches, and two premium 304 stainless steel roasting pans, we know the Catch-It™ will make a great addition to your outdoor gear!


Let's take a closer look at this handy gadget!


The Catch-It™ also features a telescoping arm that stretches up to 13 inches so you and your family can safely roast your favorite snacks without worrying about getting too close to the hot flames.



The Catch-It™ features a neon green handle which makes it easy to find. The handle also features a soft-grip material that gives you the comfort you need to use the Catch-It™ for an extended period.

The Catch-It™ features stainless steel roasting pans that are made to prevent food from falling into your campfire flame. These roasting pans can endure heat from a direct open fire flame and are also dishwasher safe!




The Catch-It weighs 


Telescoping handle extends 13 inches.

Made from high-grade 

304 stainless steel. 



Meet Tonette, the inventor behind the Catch-It™. Tonette and the Davison team worked together to turn this inventor's idea into reality. Here is what she said about her personal inventor’s journey. 

For many years, I have had the privilege of working with inventors as a Project Manager at Davison. I have helped so many inventors and idea people navigate their way through their inventor's journey with our 9-step inventing method. Because of the Catch-It™, I got a chance to see the 9-step method through the lens of an inventor. Now I know the emotions that my clients experience from idea conception to product development, and for that, I am forever grateful! 

Thank you!

Dishwasher Safe!



Recipes From Tonette's
Outdoor Catch-It™ Kitchen

Recipes From Tonette's
Outdoor Catch-It™ Kitchen

S'More D'oeuvres Tray

Pigs On A Catch-It™

 A Catch-It™ kitchen twist on pigs in a blanket!

Wow your guest with my over-the-top S'Mores D'oeuvres tray!

No matter how old we get, s'mores are a treat that we all love, especially while camping or hanging out by a fire. This is why I had to share my S'More D'oeuvres Tray recipe with all of you!
Prep-Time: 5 Minutes
Recipe:This smorgasbord has all of the usual s'mores fixin's and then some! In addition to your traditional s'more ingredients, add peanut butter, Nutella, banana slices, peanut butter cups, honey, assorted cookies, and graham crackers to your platter and serve. Don't forget to give everyone a Catch-It™, so they don't lose these treats to the bonfire! 

This is one of my family favs! It's an outdoor kitchen twist on the traditional pigs in a blanket. Not only will the kids (and adults) love to eat these, they will also love to cook them on the bonfire! 
Prep-Time: 5 Minutes
Recipe:You will need crescent rolls, hot dogs, and a Catch-it™. Separate crescent dough into triangles and place a hot dog on top of the dough. Then, roll the dough, so the hot dog is wrapped inside. Using your Catch-It™, skewer each dog that you have covered in crescent dough. Cook over a campfire until the crescent is golden and the dough is cooked through. Total cook time is about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your fire.

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